Our Story

The Birth of Artisan Glam

We love food. We love shopping. We love traveling. We each had experience in various stages of distribution. We loathe climbing the corporate ladder. We wanted more freedom. We wanted more family time.

Those were the impetuses to start Artisan Glam.

Since then, we have been flying all over the world, looking for great brands to bring into Singapore. Marrying our love for food, shopping and travel, each trip overseas was an opportunity to source for something unique, fresh, yet suitable for the local market. Things got serious when we decided to fly to trade fairs in search of great products, and travel being relegated to second place.

To date, our search led us to five countries. We spoke to hundreds of brands and picked only the best brands that we can work with to Singapore. But it isn’t as simple as talking to people. We negotiate prices with the brand partners and arrange for our own warehouses, import license and shipping. Even before the products reach our shores, we work hard to win the hearts of our retail and hotel partners so as to maximise the exposure of the products.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that companies are in a powerful position for good in the world.

Artisan Glam gives back to the society by working with existing charitable organisations to help the underprivileged. We sponsor their events with the quality products we carry and help distribute them as well.

Singapore - Children's Society

The Children’s Society protects and nurtures children in Singapore who are deemed to be vulnerable due to being in poverty.

The Food Bank Singapore

The Food Bank is a place where companies or people can come to deposit / donate their unused or unwanted foods which will then be collected and allocated to the Needy via channels such as VWOs, charities and soup kitchens.

it all begins with a relationship.

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