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end-to-end distribution solution for brands

A healthy, long-term partnership is built on shared values. We believe in being socially responsible, environmentally friendly, and sustainable production, hence we work exclusively with brands who hold on to the same beliefs as we do.

Beyond these, it is too important that we provide true value to the brands that we work with. Here are some other reasons why you should work with us.

why artisan glam

Insider Trading

Our forte lies in observing and understanding the trends in the local market, and we have successfully introduced trendy products to the consumers time and again. We have great relationships with key retailers and a high level of product knowledge. This, combined with the understanding of how retailer operate, helps us sell more products to consumers whilst providing an unique and memorable experience.

Now They See You

To increase visibility and brand recognition, we actively introduce promotions and organise events. Our expertise in marketing and distribution ensures that the target segments are reached.

In addition, our digital marketing team customised sharp social media strategy to build and grow the brand, creating a unique brand experience. We also work hard to acquire and maintain great relationships with major hotels, supermarkets and retailers. You are sure to get the attention you deserve.

Your Business is Our Business

When your product does well, so do we. We help you build equitable brand names in the local market like we own it. We even keep an eye on the visibility and presentation of your products, wherever they are. As they say, first impression counts.

Lean Outfit

We work with just enough manpower and resources, and everyone is empowered to run Artisan Glam like they have a stake in it. Our distribution processes are refined periodically. These mean efficiency. These mean speed. You’ll see your products on shelves in no time.

With over 100 distribution points islandwide


Our key Markets

Singapore (Primary)

Singaporeans are picky and discerning. They are slow to warm up but catch on to trends very quickly. With a keen understanding of their preferences, we are able to accelerate your exposure on the island.

it all begins with a relationship.

Help us understand your business so that we know how to help you. Talk to us today.