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Narcissus Nectar Vital Lotion 120ml

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The Narcissus Nectar Vital Lotion is like honey for your skin, it's so silky-soft and gentle it glides and melts effortlessly into skin to deliver immediate hydration and softness that lasts.


1) Replenishing - Powered by moisturizing ingredients such as Devil's claw to quench thirsty skin while protecting it in a moisture-sealing wrap.

2) Restorative - Multiple concentrated extracts work in harmony to nourish, soothe, calm and protect skin from external aggressors.

3) Brightening - Boosts vitality and improves skin texture for a visibly brighter and even skin tone.

Directions: Apply a quarter-sized amount every morning and evening after cleansing. Avoid contact with eyes.
Skin Type: For all skin types.