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For Beloved Girl Vitamin E Cloud - Silk Mask 3pcs/Box

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A mask that contains Vitamin E (vitamin E Acetate) which has anti-ageing repair properties and anti-oxidizing effects for deep hydration and nourishment, preventing fine lines and the first signs of ageing, reducing both shallow and deep lines in all skin ages. This mask contains polypeptide complexes which promote the proliferation of collagen for plump, firm skin. Porphyridium Cruentum Extract LIFTONIN®-XPRESS creates a natural protective film for hydrated, instantly firm skin. Vitamin E provides more effective anti-oxidation properties than vitamin C, combating free radicals to prevent skin ageing. It maintains the integrity of the cellular membrane, a fountain of youth so to speak for skin. A vitamin E derivative is also referred to as vitamin E acetate, reducing fine lines and vitalizing the skin to enhance hydration, nourishment, and repair. It maintains normal tissue metabolism while preventing photo-ageing caused by the environment and sun exposure.Designed especially to prevent the first signs of ageing