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For Beloved Girl Vitamin C Cloud - Silk Mask 3pcs/Box

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A mask that contains Vitamin C (Vitamin C Tetraisopalmitate) to brighten each layer of the skin, abolishing dullness from the inside out and improving uneven skin tone. This mask contains Vitamin C which brightens the skin by reducing melanin, preventing and fading dark spots while increasing the skin’s resistance against ultraviolet rays. It is a very popular beauty ingredient. Vitamin C has also been proven to effectively combat free radicals, prevent cellular damage and ageing, firm skin, reduce wrinkles with its excellent anti-oxidation effects. It is also a vital substance when it comes to synthesizing and maintaining collagen content within the body, ensuring youthful, brighter-looking skin. Acerola extract is rich in vitamin C, eliminating dead skin cells for rosy, luminescent, bright skin. ECOCERT organic certified Licorice Extract soothes irritated skin while also boosting skin immunity.