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For Beloved Girl Vitamin B Cloud - Silk Mask 3pcs/Box

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An exclusive dual vitamin B skincare mask formula. Designed especially for dry, dehydrated skin. This mask contains Provitamin and Hydrochloride that provide deep nourishment, increasing the skin’s Hyaluronic Acid content while promoting cellular renewal and tissue repair to prevent skin ageing. It delivers hydration for more luminescence. A complete barrier for the stratum corneum solves roughness, dryness, and flaking. There are many types of B vitamins, and vitamin B5 is also known as Provitamin, with strong hydrating properties but not sticky to the touch. Its similar composition to the skin’s Hydrolipidic film allows it to easily penetrate and permeate the stratum corneum. It also penetrates deeply into the dermis to revitalize and soften skin, preventing roughness and inflammation, achieving the effect of hydration and repair. If used alongside the hypoallergenic ingredient vitamin B6, it adds lustre and hydration to the skin, promotes cellular regeneration, and repairs while preventing ageing.