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For Beloved Girl Vitamin A Cloud - Silk Mask 3pcs/Box

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Vitamin A derivative mask (Retinyl Palmitate) that gently metabolizes dead skin cells while deeply cleansing pores. This formula contains Azelaic Acid derivative to dissolve acnes, and regulate oil secretion, eliminating skin dullness. Papain gently metabolizes dead skin cells to reveal smooth and fine skin from the inside out. Vitamin A deficiency causes diminishing epithelial cell function, keratinization of the skin resulting in dryness, roughness, loss of lustre and resilience. Common forms of vitamin A include retinol and Retinyl Palmitate, both antioxidants which promote normal cuticle metabolism and regulate skin keratinization. They also promote the renewal of collagen and elastin so skin stays soft and fine. Designed especially for oily and skin with enlarged pores.