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For Beloved Girl Beauty D Cloud - Silk Mask 3pcs/Box

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A mask with Natural Botanical Vitamin D extracted from shiitake mushrooms rich in ergosterol to increase skin hydration while preventing the break down of collagen fibres, helping the skin stay firm and resilient. This mask contains the anti-ageing ingredient, Q10, which reduces fine lines and awakens the youthful beauty of skin through moisture and resilience. Deep-sea activated collagen from France has both large and small molecules for plump, luminescent soft skin. Those with low vitamin D levels in their body experience lower skin hydration. Research shows that vitamin D improves dryness and promotes skin softness. While it is difficult for the human body to synthesize its own vitamin D, the shiitake mushroom is one of the few plants which is rich in vitamin D. Its high ergosterol content serves as a source of vitamin D, often referred to as the queen of fungi, king of mountain delicacies. Shiitake extract inhibits metalloproteins within the skin which damage collagen fibres, enhancing skin’s firmness. Designed especially for dry, sensitive skin.