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Crystal Radiant Bio-Cellulose Eye Mask 4pcs/box x 2

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Grade thickness bio-cellulose eye masks allow maximum absorption of essence and reveal your flawless brightened complexion after application. A bio-cellulose facial mask for smooth, young-looking skin. Using a rich set of ingredients to restore the skin's youthful appearance, this bio-cellulose facial mask will be your go-to for a pamper pick-me-up.

What it is: A bio-cellulose eye mask to tackle dark circles and fine lines.

What it does: Need extra nourishment around the eye contour area? As the spot where wrinkles form quickest, this crystal radiant eye mask provides extra protection with a fast-acting formula. Unique ingredient, Reverskin, tackles fine lines and dark circles for a revitalised finish. All you need to do is sit back whilst it takes effect.