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Advanced Anti-Aging Ceramide Squalane Serum 30ml

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An anti-aging skin serum for younger-looking skin. Aiming to provide skin with nutrition lost in the ageing process, this luxury serum gives your complexion the boost it needs. It uses a moisture-locking formula to seal in skin nutrients and treat fatigued cells to a new lease of life.

You'll feel a glowing confidence boost as your skin reflects your new mood!

Advanced, highly effective anti-aging serum. Ultra-functional skin firming ingredients - Ceramide is combined with precious Squalane to provide skin with the nutrition lost with age for ultimate repair of the stratum corneum and rapid smoothing of fine lines. Combined with electric lifting technology - tourmaline ionic power, it enhances microcirculations to repair fatigued and aging skin to regain its youthful, healthy glow. Skin appears firm, elastic and plump, revealing an ageless appearance!
After basic skincare routine, apply the essence onto skin and gently massage until completely absorbed.