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21% Mandelic Acid+Azelauic Acid Intensive Renewing Brightening Peel 15ml+Vitamin A Moisture Mask 4 Pcs/Box

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A skincare kit ideal for home remedies for skin brightening, pore cleansing and reappearance of flawless skin. This set include a 21% Mandelic Acid + Azelaic Acid Intensive Renewing Brightening Peel 15ml and a box of Vitamin A Maximum Moisture Mask 4 sheets.

The advanced version has 20% mandelic acid with a high purity and 1% azelaic acid derivatives. The high concentration of carefully-extracted mandelic acid, together with azelaic acid derivatives, can help slough off dead skin cells and deeply clean pores. This could also effectively fight clogged pores while balancing the skin to keep the face shine-free! Melaclear 2 keeps dullness away and restores the skin’s radiance from the inside out. Suitable for those looking to correct or prevent the appearance of oil shine and acne-prone skin.

The Vitamin A mask prevents skin from dehydration and prolongs skin's moisturizing ability. It deeply moisturizes and repairs dry skin. Ocaline XP, from Brittany in France, is rich in mineral ions which can relieve dry skin and replenish the skin’s moisture barrier. Seamollient, extracted from red algae in Hawaii, can moisturize the skin from the base layer and provide long-lasting hydration!