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1000 Molecule HA Hydrating Cleansing Water 200ml

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The AMPM 1000 Molecule HA Hydrating Cleansing Water benefits:

1) Instant Clear CMC Technology - Acts as magnets to suck away makeup, oil and dirt. Gently clears your skin of impurities, leaving it clean and fresh.

2) Moisture Magnet - Attracts, replenishes and seals in skin's moisture, ensuring your face is makeup and dirt-free without stripping your skin of moisture.

3) Gentle Soothing - With Deep Sea Water + SymCalmin®, it safeguards your skin by maintaining a healthy skin barrier while keeping irritants away.

Directions: Gently sweep a cotton pad soaked with cleansing water over facial skin to wipe away any makeup. Rinse well.

Skin Type: For all skin types.